Game of Thrones Finale (6/19)

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Game of Thrones Finale (6/19)
Mon, 06-20-2011 - 11:10am

In Game of Thrones, mercy is a four-letter word.

Last week, Ned Stark got beheaded thanks to "the madness of mercy" in his dealings with the Lannisters. Now Dany's "tender heart," trying to save poor villagers, resulted in the Khaleesi losing her unborn child's life and likely Drogo's as well. There's no easy messages in Sunday's season finale of Thrones, but there sure was plenty of high drama that set the stage for a Game-changing season two.

We're going to recap the episode, then present our first annual Game of Thrones Awards (should I call them The Thronies? The Golden Crowns?), listing my picks for the best and worst episodes, performances, fights, sex scenes and other high and low points from the first season.

We start right back in the middle of last week's Horror. Just when you'd about settled down from Ned Stark being killed in front of his daughters, Thrones shoves you back into the scene for a closer and way more gory look -- the bloody sword, the severed head, Sansa collapsing, the decapitated body. Yoren grabs Arya, slices off her hair and calling her "boy." "You want to live boy?" he yells, full of mock anger helpfulness.

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