Homeland 12/2

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Homeland 12/2
Mon, 12-03-2012 - 8:57am

And we're off to the races! Abu Nazir kidnapped Carrie, let her go, and remains at large in the United States. Brody effectively murdered the vice president. Saul dug too deep in his investigation of Peter Quinn. Jessica is so over her husband. Dana is a shell of a human being. Chris suddenly realized his dad's a jerk. Carrie really needs a shower. And, hey guys, Danny Galvez is back!

Meanwhile, the hour runnethed over with a string of remarkable two-hander scenes — Saul and Dar Adal, Jessica and Mike, Jessica and Brody, Brody and Carrie, Saul and Estes, Carrie and Abu Nazir, and Brody and Walden — not to mention several nail biting sequences and Jessica Brody's best/only laugh-out-loud moment of the season. Everything felt keyed up into a new gear, as the show launched into the final few laps of what has been a two-season breakneck marathon between Brody, Carrie, and Abu Nazir. And because of the quickened pace and the nearing finish line, it was perhaps easier not to notice a few of the ungainly narrative leaps that have crept into the show. That is, if it wasn't for Brody's magic Skyping Blackberry.

I'll get more into the gritty details behind this fabulously implausible device shortly. And granted, I didn't know until Twitter told me that you can actually Skype on certain Blackberrys (provided you have Verizon in the U.S.) — so I can't exactly fault the show for accuracy on that score. But more to the point: A) How did Abu Nazir get Brody's Skype address? B) How did Abu Nazir get a good enough signal in the middle of nowhere to send streaming video to Brody's phone? C) When did the CIA stop monitoring every moment of Brody's phone calls — and if they did, why did they stop with Abu Nazir still at large? And D) Why didn't anyone think watch Brody like a hawk the moment Carrie went missing since everyone knows Carrie and Brody share a special rowdy sex bond, and Brody just very publicly betrayed the wanted terrorist who had kidnapped him via helicopter just days before?

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