In Plain Sight - Q&A w/Mary McCormack about Pregnancy

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In Plain Sight - Q&A w/Mary McCormack about Pregnancy
Mon, 06-13-2011 - 8:51am

On tonight’s episode of In Plain Sight, star Mary McCormack’s character is learning what fans have been told to expect for months (ever since they were told the actress’s real-life pregnancy would be worked into the show): She’s expecting.

Unlike the fans, the news comes as a shock to the hard-talking character. In a chat with EW, McCormack previewed the big changes coming for Mary Shannon and talked about the effect this baby twist will have on the rest of the season.

EW: So did you have butterflies about the decision to work in the pregnancy?
MARY MCCORMACK: Yeah. It was an odd sort of decision because I found out I was pregnant just days before we were shooting, and I couldn’t really tell anyone right away because at my age, if I lost the baby or something, it would break my heart if they wrote it in. So we waited for a while. Golly, I told everyone pretty early, though. I told the showrunners and the head of the network. We all talked about the pros and cons of hiding it and embracing it. The more we talked about it, we thought, “What a cool development for this particular character.” She’s not maternal; she’s an action lady. She loves to be alone and such a grump about kids. The more we talked about it, the more it seemed like a great opportunity for the show. But yeah, I was a little nervous. But also, I was excited. I’d hidden a pregnancy on a show before, but this is challenging and fun in a different way.

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