Real Housewives of Atlanta 11/6

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Real Housewives of Atlanta 11/6
Mon, 11-07-2011 - 8:46am

Will season 4 mark the dawn of a new, more dignified day for the Atlanta Housewives? "Oh, oh, oh, my boobs are so heavy and saggy," Kim whined in the evening's opening line. Nope, same old heifers, as Lawrence might say. (Possible new title for his EP.) One does have to give it up for the Zolz. Oddly, this atrociously vulgar woman makes for a rather attractive pregnant women. Maybe it's the laying off the cigs and the chardonnay, but she looked oddly younger and dare I say fresher? Things are really looking up for Kim. She's moving into a McMansion with a movie theater and a wig room; her fiance Kroy remains faithful and strong and dim, and even ding dong Sweetie appeared to have upgraded her weave. Is that little black dog Chanel new? And why isn't she named Kool or Juicy or BeBe? Chanel licked Kim's bedazzled phone at one point and I guarantee you those saliva streaks remain there to this day.

NeNe continues to confound. Bryson, now 21, and noticeably thinner, has crashed his truck and long since missed his three-month deadline to move out. Oh well, he wasn't ready to grow up! The good news is NeNe is feeling flush with sudden cash flow and she'd rather the audience see her throwing it around than parenting. So she bought him a $13,500 car and bragged to her haters at home that she paid in cash. Winning? Her eldest still doesn't have his act together, she and Gregg are still separated, and the best bon mots she seemed to pick up from Celebrity Apprentice's Donald Trump were "to always negotiate." Also, now that she's single (or separated, whatever, details!), she's ready to flirt. I hear Big Poppa's available!

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