Real Housewives of OC Finale (6/5)

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Real Housewives of OC Finale (6/5)
Mon, 06-06-2011 - 11:25am

There was one nice moment in last night's finale. The fall party had long been underway, former Housewives and makeup artists and "pocket gays" already milling about Vicki's pool. But Vicki was still up in her room, dabbing her swollen eyes with Preparation H wipes, whimpering that somewhere Donn was sad. Vicki had filed for divorce one week prior, convinced that Donn would never love her the right way, not that she ever spoke of the quality of love she gave him. Her heart was bleeding; her bottom had apparently stabilized. (That is not an invitation for you creepy ALL CAPS commenter to weigh in on the boards.) How could she play hostess?

So the Housewives gathered, all telling her she looked gorgeous and wonderful and that she would get through this too. Their group hug seemed more effectual than Tamra's threats to tickle her boobies. It was so odd to see the women kind of rally around another, even if their pep talk never really got above "You look so hot." And that my friends in what this season (this franchise?) is missing. Some genuine sense of camaraderie needs to balance out the catty.

None of the ladies seemed very excited to go to the party. Tamra was having a bad hair day and Jeana's most recent jabs in the press had given her the shakes. "Keep your cool," counseled Eddie. "I will. She needs a slap in the face," she sad.