SYFY all new Monday night....

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SYFY all new Monday night....
Tue, 01-15-2013 - 3:19pm

Okay so it was all new shows for me last night on Syfy.

First we had Continuum which is a new series...We all enjoyed it.  From what I read this morning this show is already heading into it's third season in Canada.  This means that we might have back to back seasons like we did with Lost Girl.  Which to be honest sucks you in even more.  I also read the show gets better as it goes.

Being Human...dd can't watch this one so it's on the DVR.  Ds and I will probably watch it tonight.

Lost Girl...I'm not super psyched about Bo being with the Doctor.  I'm completely all about Bo and Dyson.  Hale as the Ash is pretty interesting.  And the crazy guy....I actually like him as a permenant part of the show.  He is hilarious, especially in that little outfit that he wore.  OMgosh!!!!

Lisa (aka pixie)