True Blood (7/24)

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True Blood (7/24)
Mon, 07-25-2011 - 9:24am

I adore Pam (Kristin Bauer van Straten), but why couldn't she have lost her loose lips tonight instead of her right ear? If she costs me some Eric-Sookie foreplay, I will be less eager to see that rotting spell reversed. She, too, will have to suffer. How many times did you rewind the Eric and Sookie kiss? I did seven times that I will admit to. But let's back up.

As predicted, the shot of Eric biting Sookie in the promo for this week was from a dream. In it, he opened Sookie's door -- shirtless -- and Godric appeared. Eric watched Godric caress Sookie's leg and sniff her. (Sexier than it sounds!) Godric wanted them to drain her and walk in the sun together. Eric said no, and Godric choked him: "You are incapable of love. You are damned," he said. Eric said Sookie could redeem him. "You cannot be saved. You are a creature of death, and the living are good for only one thing, and it is not love. Drink now. Stop fighting your nature. DRINK." Out popped Eric's fangs and together they bit her. When dream Sookie screamed, real Eric woke up -- fangs extended. He climbed up his cubby, fortunately not taking time to put on a shirt. He entered her bedroom and looked as though he was thinking about climbing up the length of her body when she awoke and his fangs retracted -- probably at the sight of the world's least sexy T-shirt. (I'm resisting the urge to refer to his fangs as "erect" and "flaccid." Sort of.) "Eric, what the hell?" Sookie said. "I had a bad dream," he answered like a child. Alexander Skarsgard is doing such a good job as Nice Eric. He makes him sound so genuine that you can understand why Sookie would let him sleep with her in her bed if he promised to keep his fangs and hands to himself.

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