The Walking Dead 11/12

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The Walking Dead 11/12
Mon, 11-12-2012 - 8:52am

Considering the standard set so far by "The Walking Dead" Season 3, "Say the Word" probably qualifies as a "minor" episode. There's no major character deaths, injuries or introductions, but there's still plenty of tension, darkness and intrigue.

If anything, this hour proves that even the lower-key episodes this season are going to be full of great moments. Especially with an ensemble cast that's completely clicking along the lines of the current crew. "The Walking Dead" has reached a point where any combination of characters can be equally exciting -- whether it's familiar (Glenn and Rick) or unusual (Daryl and Maggie).

Both the audience and the survivors needed a bit of a break after Lori's devastating death, and we mostly got it while learning more about life in Woodbury. For example: they still have ice! At the same time Rick's group is in mourning, Woodbury is holding a big old fashioned summer celebration and Andrea's awfully curious to find out what the much hyped main event is going to be. "Mere words can not adequately describe the festivities ahead," Milton teases her, but we have to wait right along with Andrea to find out how accurate he is.

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