The Walking Dead 11/18

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The Walking Dead 11/18
Mon, 11-19-2012 - 8:55am

So far on Season 3 of "The Walking Dead," the prison and Woodbury have remained separate but creatively equal storylines. Tonight is the beginning of those worlds colliding, and raises anticipation even more for the final two episodes of the season's first half. (Yes, it's true, we've only got two "Dead"s left in 2012.)

Maggie and Glenn are now in Woodbury (but they're probably only seeing it the way Lieutenant Welles of the National Guard saw it, and not the way Andrea or even Michonne experienced it), and Michonne is about to enter the prison (assuming Rick lets her in). In a way, all three of them are where they are because of Merle.

"Hounded" opens with Merle and three members of The Governor's "research team" hunting Michonne. Apparently, The Governor isn't too happy about Michonne leaving Woodbury and has no plans to peacefully let her go her own way. When Merle's crew stumbles upon Michonne's "biter-gram" message of "Go Back" (what a creative use of a walker torso!) they should heed the warning...

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