The Walking Dead 11/25

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The Walking Dead 11/25
Mon, 11-26-2012 - 8:37am

Witness Merle Dixon unleashed. He duct-taped captured Grimes Gangbangers Glenn and Maggie into separate interrogation chambers and set about asking Glenn questions, Olivier-in-Marathon-Man style. He chastised Glenn for leaving him up on a rooftop in Atlanta. After a few weeks of tempering his bad side, Merle went Full Racist and referred to dear departed T-Dog as "That big ol' spearchucker." He caressed Glenn's neck with his knife-hand and then pressed the blunt side of the knife against Glenn's mouth, cutting off his air in the most weirdly erotic way possible. He leaned in close, and Glenn headbutted him. That's when the punching started. Cut to Maggie in the room next door, listening to a crazy one-handed redneck beat her man into a pulp.

Woodbury has not shown itself to be particularly welcoming to newcomers. (See also: Various moaning heads in the Governor's jar collection.) But in the zombie apocalypse, you can't open your doors to just anyone. Back at the Lori Grimes Memorial Penitentiary, Rick looked about ready to let Michonne die outside the fence. She was bleeding from a bullet wound, and the smell of the blood finally trumped the smell of her zombie-viscera camouflage. She cut the head off one walker and stabbed another, but then she fell down. Cue Carl Grimes, aka "Kid Headshot," shooting the attacking walkers while Rick ran outside to bring Michonne (and her shipment of baby formula) in. Rick asked who Michonne was. Unsurprisingly, she was not forthcoming. He offered her shelter but refused to let her into the cellblock, and told her simply: "We're not gonna hurt you. Unless you try somethin' first." He took her sword away and told her she couldn't leave -- shades of the Governor.

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