The Walking Dead 11/6

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The Walking Dead 11/6
Mon, 11-07-2011 - 8:47am

Shane was wandering around the Greene Family Farm modeling a set of oversized overalls that made him look like a cartoon farmer. The clothes used to belong to Otis, the man he donated to hungry zombies last week. So it would be an understatement to say that Shane did not look particularly happy to be attending Otis' funeral. Hershel Greene offered a kind eulogy for the man, noting that he "gave his life to save a child, now more than ever our most precious asset." (All considering, in a zombie apocalypse, I'd value a child behind a chainsaw and a flamethrower.) Then he asked Shane to say a few words. Otis' crying girlfriend begged Shane to share her man's final moments.

Shane sighed, and came up on the spot with a story of elaborate heroism. "I was limping. It was bad. 'We gotta save the boy.' That's what he said. He gave me his backpack. 'Run,' he said, 'I'll take the rear.' And when I looked back..." Here Shane trailed off, and his murderer's guilt was a perfect imitation of survivor's guilt. "If not for Otis, I'd have never made it out alive. And that goes for Carl, too. It was Otis. He saved us both." Shane set a stone on top of Otis' memorial.

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