2 More Days Exits

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2 More Days Exits
Wed, 01-19-2011 - 1:40pm

More DAYS Exits!
A week after Soap Opera Digest reported the news of Mark Hapka's (Nathan) ouster from Salem comes word that Shelley Hennig (Stephanie) and Jay Kenneth Johnson (Philip) have both decided to leave the show. "It just feels right," says Hennig of why she's taking off after four years. "I have been preparing for this for awhile, so I have said my mental good-byes. I will miss the faces I see here every day, but everybody has been really encouraging and has embraced my decision.... I feel like I'm going out with a bang after last week's air shows and I feel great about it creatively and I am thankful to the writers for giving me that. I am thankful for this role that DAYS has given me and will miss playing this character. I am forever thankful for the fans and this wonderful gift that was given to me. It's been a lot of fun to play and I wouldn't change anything." Hennig's last tape date is February 2. As for Johnson, "It feels perfect," he says. "The story ended and there's a lot of stuff going on out there. I thought about it a lot; it just felt like the right time. I want to thank the fans for continuing to watch and following me from my first stint to the other shows I've done and back to here. I hope they keep an eye on me in the future." Read more about it in the issue of Digest on sale February 1.