Anyone see the first GH episode today?

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Anyone see the first GH episode today?
Wed, 04-02-2003 - 2:55pm
I missed the first episode (shown before OLTL?) and wonder what happened? Was it all old clips? DAMN if it was. LOL.

Also - if you watched.... what happened with Mitch, Blair and Dorian on OLTL?




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Wed, 04-02-2003 - 10:14pm
I saw parts of the first episode, but it was just another episode from what I could tell. I was quite disappointed, which is why I didn't watch the whole thing. I was really hoping they would tie current storylines together with past ones (like Summer and her brother reminding me of Bobbie and Luke years ago) or somehow stick in some history.

I didn't see enough of OLTL to really get what Dorian is doing and how she fits in, but I can't wait to find out.


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Thu, 04-03-2003 - 5:38am
Carly had fallen into lake while rescueing her son on tues and in danger.

The 1st Gh was Part 1 of two parts on that storyline.

Part one was when carly got pulled out of lake and taken to hosiptal

Part Two she was in the hosptal and in danger of losing the her baby

father questionable since she had a fling with Rick.

Faith was also in hospital since Rick Shot Her.

On OlTl Blair wanted Mitch to Pay for his crimes

and Dorian did the same in front of Blair but when blair left she freed him.

She then went to her house where blair has been living.

Later she went to Lainfair to meet up with mitch.

She involed somehow with mitch for sure.

Lindsay totally lost it and was taken to psych hospital.

Al bought more drugs after getting money from his momther.

His Mother doesnt know about his taking drugs yet.