B&B, AMC and OLTL News

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B&B, AMC and OLTL News
Fri, 10-29-2010 - 8:39am

Status Changes On B&B
Soap Opera Digest has learned that Ashley Jones (Bridget, B&B), who has been with the show since 2004, is going on recurring status beginning in December. Meanwhile, newcomer Kristolyn Lloyd (Dayzee) will be upped to contract status in December.

ATWT Star to AMC!
Sarah Glendening (ex-Lucy, ATWT) has been tapped to succeed Brittany Allen as David and Krystal's daughter, Marissa Chandler. She will first air on December 20; Allen's last ep will be broadcast on December 17. Glendening had previously auditioned for the role of Madison, which went to Stephanie Gatschet.

New Deal For OLTL's Nora
Soap Opera Digest has learned that Hillary B. Smith (Nora) has negotiated another contract to stay on ONE LIFE TO LIVE, which has been her daytime home since 1992. Smith made headlines in early 2006 when she signed a one-year extension with the show, giving OLTL more time to prove a "real interest in writing for Nora." Much to fans' delight, she later signed a four-year deal that went into effect January 2007, and is now sticking around for more!