Days Casting News

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Days Casting News
Mon, 09-12-2011 - 8:50am

Mary Beth Evans (Kayla) will be back filming in Salem on September 23 for shows that will begin airing around December 15. In the story, Kayla returns with son, Joey, and will help Caroline at the Brady Pub. The actress will be appearing in the comedic play Murder At Howard Johnson's in Los Angeles, beginning September 22.

DAYS is looking for "Julian", who is described as a 20 to 30-year-old gorgeous, extremely well-built African-American male. The casting call reads: "He is authentic, heroic and incredibly charming without trying. He has an ease and confidence about him that melts just about any woman he encounters. There is a darkness in his past that at times cast a shadow on his otherwise charmed life."

Spotted at Spago: Soap vet Ian Buchanan (ex-James, B&B; ex-Duke, GH et al) lunching with DAYS's Co-Executive Producer Greg Meng and Head Writers Marlene McPherson and Darrell Ray Thomas, Jr. in the L.A. hotspot. Hmmm...