OLTL's "Viki" goes to Heaven one more time

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OLTL's "Viki" goes to Heaven one more time
Fri, 01-06-2012 - 9:42am

ABC's One Life to Live will come to an end next week after 43 years on the air. But, first, Victoria Lord will have one more chance to visit Heaven. The grande dame of Llanview — played by six-time Emmy winner Erika Slezak — is famous for her near-death, out-of-body experiences that land her at the Pearly Gates. She's back there again Monday, Jan. 9, along with her soulmate Clint (Jerry verDorn), after the two of them are shot in a shocking denouement to the Statesville Prison break. This time, Viki will be escorted to the afterlife by her late daughter Megan, played by returning fan fave Jessica Tuck, best known these days as the bitchy vampire activist Nan Flanagan on True Blood. TV Guide Magazine spoke with Slezak about Viki's latest brush with death and — dare we say it? — a possible reprieve for OLTL!

TV Guide Magazine: It seems only right that our Viki does the Promised Land one last time before the show ends, don't you think?
Slezak: I do! This will be the third time Viki's been to Heaven and, thank God, they're always round trips! Even this time. [Laughs] Or am I giving something away? It was so great to have Jessie back. So fantastic seeing her again! The whole thing was shot in a very lovely way. Lots of blowing curtains.

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