Q&A with OLTL's ex-Nora - Who's on B&B now

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Q&A with OLTL's ex-Nora - Who's on B&B now
Tue, 01-24-2012 - 8:37am

When TVLine spoke exclusively with Daytime Emmy winner Hillary B. Smith about her upcoming role on CBS’ The Bold and the Beautiful, she could hardly contain her excitement. “I could have gone on that show as a janitorand I would have been happy,” she gushed.

Fortunately, Smith – best known for her lengthy run as Nora Buchanan on the late One Life to Live — joins the CBS soap on March 8 as the far more integral Dr. Stacy Burton, who though not a custodian will still have some messes to clean up — seeing as she is a psychiatrist specializing in sex therapy.

Here, the daytime TV vet gives us a glimpse into her Bold new venture and reveals what she really thought of OLTL‘s swan song.

TVLINE | What drew you to the role of B&B‘s Dr. Stacy Burton, sex therapy specialist?
To be perfectly honest, what drew me to this role was the opportunity to work with [executive producer] Brad Bell… and that’s basically it. [Laughs] I also have a lot of friends that work on Bold and the Beautiful and [CBS sister soap]