Robin Strasser (Dorian) says goodbye to OLTL

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Robin Strasser (Dorian) says goodbye to OLTL
Tue, 08-02-2011 - 12:16pm

There's been nothing in soap history like the harmonic convergence known as One Life to Live's Dorian Lord — the perfect creation played by the perfect actress at just the perfect time — and we're pretty damn sure we will never seen anything like this again! So let's enjoy Ms. Robin Strasser while we can. The Emmy Award-winning actress will last be seen on OLTL August 25, though it's not exactly by choice. Last May, Strasser told ABC she'd need to exit the series to deal with a severely bad back that's plagued her for years. She had hoped to stay working through most of August — meaning she'd air well into the fall — but she claims the network abruptly cut her loose as part of a major summer cast purge. TV Guide Magazine spoke with Strasser about her imminent departure, what really went down between her and ABC (the network denies her version of things, but more on that later), and her plans for the future. Will the unsinkable Strasser make the move with OLTL to the internet?

TV Guide Magazine: First off and most important, how's your health?
Strasser: It ebbs with the stress and what I ask my back to do, but I'm doing fine. My big concern was that I was risking a 10 on the back-pain scale, which basically means I slide onto the floor and can't get up, and anyone who has severe back issues knows what I'm talking about. Sometimes I'm in that condition for as long as three days and you can't do that on a soap schedule. But most times I'm walking around in the 3 to 4 to 5 range, which is really achy and creaky but manageable. It had gotten to the point where I would watch my scenes and see in my eyes that the constant pain had exhausted me. I like watching Strasser with some oomph! I didn't feel I was giving the fans everything I am capable of. I don't want to sound like an incapacitated victim here. By the grace of God, when I'm ready to perform, whenever I'm needed, I get an adrenaline hit that defies jet fuel. I'm so graced by that, and so grateful for it. I feel I have so much left in me. It just doesn't feel like it's over. [Laughs] Whatever "it" is.

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