Soap Magazines for Friday 11/5

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Soap Magazines for Friday 11/5
Fri, 11-05-2010 - 9:05am

Matters Of Life And Death
Zach is killed on AMC and GH delivers a baby shocker for Dante and Brenda!

Melissa Reeves Returns To DAYS.... David's Killer Revealed On AMC!.... Y&R's Nick And Sharon Have Sex!.... DAYS: Nicole Gets The Goods On Sami.... OLTL's Rex Learns That Echo Is His Mom!…. GH's Big Fat Vegas Hangover Wedding….B&B's Thomas Kisses Brooke.... Comings and Goings…. Plots Preview…. Extra! Extra!

Y&R: Nikki Loves...And Loses!
B&B: Thomas' Stunt Rocks The Forresters!
GH: Carly Unearths Dirt On Brenda And Dante
OLTL: Bye, Cole...Hi, James!
DAYS: Nicole Finds Sami's Confession Tape
AMC: November Sweeps Preview