Soap Magazines for Friday 1/28

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Soap Magazines for Friday 1/28
Fri, 01-28-2011 - 9:14am

Bombs Away!
Secrets explode on GH for Brenda, Lucky and Michael.

More DAYS exits!.... Plus Ty Treadway Out, Too.... AMC's Annie Crashes Into Kendall!.... Y&R's Sharon Loses Faith…. OLTL's Nat And Jess Plan Double Nups…. Amber's Pregnancy Is Revealed On B&B.... DAYS: Bo And Carly Split!.... DAYS: Rafe Has A Double!.... Comings and Goings…. Plots Preview…. Extra! Extra!

Y&R: Adam Stands By Sharon When She Loses Faith!
B&B: Justin And Donna Get Married!
OLTL: Let The Pre-Wedding Party Begin!
AMC: Jack: Suspicious Minds!
DAYS: EJ And Stefano Replace Rafe!
GH: Jason Breaks Michael's Fall