Soap Magazines for Friday 4/1

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Soap Magazines for Friday 4/1
Fri, 04-01-2011 - 7:27am

ABC D-Day?
AMC cancellation rumors abound.

GH's Christopher Out!.... GH Rumors: Who's Next?.... DAYS; "Rafe" Targets Fay.... OLTL's Shane Attempts Suicide.... Y&R: Adam Testifies.... GH: Brenda's Baby Is Alive.... B&B's Liam And Amber Have Sex!.... Comings and Goings…. Plots Preview…. Extra! Extra!

DAYS: Fay warns Nicole about EJ!
Y&R: Adam urges Sharon to run!; Gloria and Chloe: Pillow Talk?!
GH: Brenda gets her baby back!
OLTL: Suicide: too hot to handle?; Get schooled on bullying!
B&B: Bill wants Katie back!; Liam and Amber have sex!
AMC: Griffin arrested for murder!