Soap Magazines for Friday 4/22

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Soap Magazines for Friday 4/22
Fri, 04-22-2011 - 9:55am

OLTL: Roger Howarth Back For May Sweeps.... ABC Axes AMC And OLTL!.... DAYS: Nicole Catches Ej And Taylor!.... Must-See GH: Luke's Intervention.... OLTL: Nikki Takes Control.... Y&R's Jana Kidnaps Lucy And Delia.... Thomas And Brooke's Plane Goes Down On B&B.... Comings and Goings…. Plots Preview…. Extra! Extra!

AMC: Cara quits!
B&B: Brooke and Thomas: Assume crash positions!
DAYS: Ciara and Theo are rescued!; Nicole sees EJ and Taylor kissing!; Jennifer kisses Daniel!
GH: Michael sacrifices himself for Abby
OLTL: Natalie is thisclose to learning the truth
Y&R: Jana steals baby Lucy — and Delia!; Phyllis confesses her affair to Jack!