Susan Lucci Returns to AMC

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Susan Lucci Returns to AMC
Thu, 09-30-2010 - 8:31am

Who ordered the Lucci Sandwich? Delicious Erica Kane returns to All My Children October 6 after a 10-week absence and walks right into a love triangle. The Pine Valley diva, played by Emmy winner Susan Lucci, has been away on a pre-honeymoon with fiancé Jack (Walt Willey) — a plot device to accommodate the actress' summer hiatus — and she discovers that her gruff mountain man Caleb (Michael Nouri) is now lookin' mighty fine. TV Guide Magazine had a little chit-chat with La Looch to get her take on her character's impending 12th marriage. Will little Erica finally find true bliss? Or is she just killing time before she moves on to lucky 13?

TV Guide Magazine: Welcome back! It feels like you've been away forever.
Lucci: I've never had this kind of a vacation in all my adult life! I've never taken more than two weeks off from the show, except when I was on maternity leave to have my children. We've been traveling so much, especially since AMC moved to LA, that we stayed home! We have a house in the Hamptons and my goal was to go there and get back in touch with my real life, and be available to my children and grandchildren. It was everything I wanted it to be.

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