Tad & Dixie Get a Happy Ending on AMC

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Tad & Dixie Get a Happy Ending on AMC
Fri, 07-29-2011 - 10:52am

He's the most famous and beloved rascal in all of soap history. But there's so much more to Michael E. Knight. As Tad (the former "Cad") Martin of ABC's All My Children — a role he won back in 1982 — the three-time Emmy winning Knight has emerged over the years as a consummate and deeply admired actor, equally gifted at comedy and tragedy, as well as a insightful statesman whose POV on the soap scene is both wise and heartfelt. TV Guide Magazine lunched with the actor to get his take on Tad's reunion with Dixie (Cady McClain), airing August 8, and of course AMC's fast approaching exit from ABC.

TV Guide Magazine: I can certainly see why a Tad and Dixie reunion is best for the show as it prepares to leave the network and best for the fans — and I will probably love it and be blubbering like an idiot — but yet another return from the dead in Pine Valley? Isn't it this kind of been-there-done-that writing that has helped sink the genre?
Knight: I agree with you about the back from the dead thing, but the fans deserve a happy ending. If this is our curtain call, then mazel tov! I'm glad Cady and I can take our final bow together. Yeah, she came back as an angel, but I don't care. I feel so blessed that the audience still wants us. [Laughs] After more than two decades together, Cady and I still look at each other and go, "What is this? How the hell did this happen?" Initially it was the luck of the draw. The stars and the story aligned and we ended up together. Now, as two performers with all these dings in our fenders, there's a richness to our relationship that feels so good and so natural. Sure, doing yet one more back-from-the-dead plot is like papering over the old wallpaper but, in this case, I'm totally at peace with it.

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