American Idol.....

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American Idol.....
Wed, 03-26-2003 - 9:00am
so who else watched last night? I was surprsed they chose Country Rock. Esp since Simon had no inkling about it. Josh was good, that's a hard song to do but I thought he was fine,fun. (didn't take notes so bear with me)Kimberly Locke was AMAZING!!! Wow!!! Carmen was very warbly. Treynyce was pitchy, not good imo. Ricky, I just don't like his voice. Cory Clark, he was okay (anyone know who did the original of that song?) Kimberly Caldwell was good, looked amazing. Rooooooooben was good but not as wonderful as they all say. Julia DeMato, that girl has GOT to go! And Clay, fabulous as usual. Didn't get Simon's comment 'sounded just like last weeks song'.

I'd like to see Julia gone with Carmen and Cory in the bottom 3.


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Wed, 03-26-2003 - 9:22am
I did take notes! I agree with a lot of what you said! Kimberly Locke did the best in my opinion. I love Bonnie Raitt and she did it very very well. Joshua was alright - seems comfortable doing country - I still say that's going to hurt him. The other good ones were Clay, Ruben & Ricki (but they are always good). I didn't think blonde Kimberly did super well, but better than lately. I thought Trenyce did terribly, which surprised me. Can I say AGAIN how much I can't stand Corey!?!? Why pick that song and then SIT for it? That was weird. Carmen and Julia stunk. Julia's hoping her boobs get her by another week. Don't think so.


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Wed, 03-26-2003 - 9:59am
I agree....Julia DeMato is just out of her league, poor thing. She gave it the good ol' college try last night, but I think she is out. I can't stand Cory, can't stand to look at this smarmy face. Don't talk back to the judges dude - you got a compliment, don't need to point out that it is backhanded.

I am getting sick of Randy and Paula and their endless positive comments - why can't they be more constructive and specific?

Country rock.....very strange. One would think they would have been more picky on the song choice? I thought Clay's performance last night was his weakest to date, however, he is still a great singer.


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Wed, 03-26-2003 - 10:46am
I wasn't thrilled with some of the song choices but thought most of them did pretty well..I didn't think Corey was that good..Julia sounded better, but is just NOT dynamic enough. Both Kimberlies did really well...The best I've heard from either of them, I think. I liked Blond Kimberly's wavy hair the best otu fo all the looks she's tried. It suits her. Ricky bugs me a little. Carmen was ok, not great. and Ruben was good as always--not as good as in previous weeks but he's personality plus..Clay sounded terrific as always. I missed what the judges said about him though. I'm assuming they liked it. I didn't like his song though.

and Joshua the marine,,was really good!--very entertaining. he really got into it.

Oh yeah==Trenyce did not appear to be having fun, was less energetic and seemed bored when it was done..or maybe she just wasn't happy with how she performed. We know she can really belt it out.

I was looking forward to Disco, though!


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Wed, 03-26-2003 - 11:42am
I thought they all could have chosen a better song. There are so many nice country songs out there, and I was surprised at their choices. Even Josh, being the country buff he is. I would've thought he'd know what was out there, and pick a song to show off his voice. I was disappointed overall.
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Wed, 03-26-2003 - 12:11pm
What the heck happened to my post?!?!? Grrrrr!

Anyway, what I said was, that Clay should have sang "Proud To Be An American" by Lee Greenwood. I think that would have been awesome, especially considering current events. Come to think of it, even Josh could have done that song.

Ruben was good, I love that song.

Trenyce was bad and you could tell she knew it. She did not look happy about her performance. I finally figured out what I don't like about her. Someone tell her to cut her fingernails. Her fingers are so long and bony, the nails just make them look that much worse. Like a skeleton!

Julia better be gone tonight.

Carmen ok, but she's just not in their league.

Cory, love the song, and like Paula says, he's great when he is in his upper register, but not so great when he sings lower.

Josh, just too much country twang for me.

Kimberly (blond), good performance, but I still don't like her.

Kimberley Locke, excellent performance, but I am not as excited about her as I was in the beginning.

Am I missing someone?


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Wed, 03-26-2003 - 12:19pm
Well, gee...after watching it again on MY NEW TIVO (shameless plug, I have to agree. I think that Julia wants to go. She seems like she knows she is out of her league and is tired of the whole thing. I thought that last week.

I am not a big country fan, but Josh was VERY good!

I can't stand blond Kim. I just don't like her. Kimberley Locke on the other hand is GREAT. But they really need to put her in more flattering clothes. She shouldn't be in form fitting stuff. It just makes her look bigger. Definately don't like her in sleeveless clothes either. I think she is beautiful, but the stylists are not doing her justice.

Clay is still my fav. Love the guy. I get goosebumps just listening to him sing.

I have to agree with Ellen(eck). I am so sick of Randy and Paula. As much heat as Simon gets, I actually prefer his comments. If I were up there singing I would want Simon to tell me the truth and not get lied to by RAndy Dawg and Paula.


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Wed, 03-26-2003 - 12:22pm
Oh, Bethany! That would have been a great song for one of them to sing. Good thinking!
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Wed, 03-26-2003 - 4:18pm
Okay, I could not watch Josh. All he did was copy Garth Brook's video. And you couldn't hear his voice in that song. And if you're going to wear a cowboy hat you gotta have wranglers, none of this saggy a$$ business.

I was listening more than watching, but I thought Trenyce sounded good, except for the highest notes.

I enjoyed Corey's performace, and Kimberly Locke. Ruben's song was very cool.

I thought Julia did so much better last night. That Faith Hill song is a tough one, and she did well for the most part.

Does Simon have a crush on Carmen, or what? Has he ever said anything negative about her? She did not do Martina McBride justice. I don't think any of them could.

I like her, because she is a cute, young talented girl from Utah, but she doesn't deserve to go on much further.

Rickey - couldn't sound like Larry Gatlin if he tried. Did not like his performance at all.

And Mr. Ears - what's his name.....oh yeah, Clay. He is awesome. But he picked a ballad, not what I'd call a country rock song. I think he is pigeon-holing himself into one type of song, and that may be what Simon was referring to.


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Wed, 03-26-2003 - 4:36pm
I was a little disappointed in "Country Rock" turning into ballads-R-us. I would have LOVED to see someone come out and sing Toby Keith's "How do you like me now" or "Who's your daddy" (not to mention "Courtesy of the Red, White, and Blue").

Question for those that watched last year - did they ever do a song type switch like this before? My theory last night was that Josh got a "report by Friday" notice and even though he won't get the least votes, he will need to go tonight. Since this style is his thing, they let him go out on a good note and all. Just so, I voted for him just as many times as I called in for Clay!!