Bet on your baby!

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Bet on your baby!
Mon, 04-22-2013 - 9:31am

When I first read about this show, I thought it seemed a little silly but decided to give it a try. I figured anything with babies/toddlers in it had the potential to be pretty entertaining. Smile Turns out, I was right! Even better, my kids ended up watching it with me and enjoyed it too. It's rare to find a show that we all can agree on, LOL! 

The basic premise of the show is that each parent will have their toddler-aged child participate in some sort of challenge. Last night's example was that the child had to knock down all the red & blue towers but NOT the yellow ones. The parents then bet on how well they thought their child would do. If they were correct, they won money for their child's education fund. It was pretty funny to see the child's mischevious smile as he purposely hesitated and then knocked down a yellow tower. Laughing

Here's the link to the show's page if you want to read more: