5 Shows That Improved in 2012

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5 Shows That Improved in 2012
Tue, 12-11-2012 - 8:46am

Few things are more satisfying than realizing that a TV show you love is getting better. Evolution and experimentation is built into the long-form television medium. Sometimes that experimentation goes horribly wrong, and some course-correction is required. Other times, a show that’s always been good starts firing on all cylinders at once. Here are our five picks for the Most Improved TV Shows of 2012.

5. Sons of Anarchy
Our use of the term “improved” is in no way a criticism of this show’s outstanding run in 2011. But we’d be remiss to not recognize the way Sons has creatively surpassed its own high bar for excellence in 2012, with big moments like Jax’s accession to the club’s top spot and Opie’s death. After all, a leap is still a leap, even when you’re on top.

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