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TV Spoilers from Entertainment Weekly
Fri, 07-15-2011 - 12:26pm

Spoilers are like apples, Roomies. Shake the tree, and you’ll get one to fall. And next week at the annual San Diego Comic-Con, the apples will fall like rain, so be prepared. Rather, help me prepare! Send your burning questions about any and all shows going to Comic-Con (and those that aren’t, if you’re so inclined), so I can come back with a basket of bounty to share with you all. We’ll make spoiler pie together! Also, this apple metaphor has gone on about five sentences too long. So I’m stopping now.

Send questions to (note the two “r”s) or Tweet them to me @EWSandraG.

Also, this week, the “side dishes” are the main course. (Clearly hungry right now… ) Enjoy!

Sandra, I’m betting you’ve already drooled over these pics of gun-wielding Joe Manganiello on the set of White Collar, right? What else can you tell me about his role (and how much heavage we’ll be seeing)? — Maggie
Since my pecto-meter (the only device proven to give an accurate measure for the amount of man skin shown in a given hour of television ) isn’t even patented yet, I can’t say for sure we’ll be seeing any heavage in this Rear Window-esque episode. (Although, that’d be a waste of a guest star, no?) What I can say is that we’ll be seeing Neal incredibly out of his element. “Elizabeth thinks the neighbors might be up to something, and [Joe] plays a blue-collar neighbor of the Burks who I have to go undercover to investigate,” says star Matt Bomer. “So we get to see a little bit of blue collar Neal. It was fun to get to do that. It was nice to change my posture and get out of a suit — get back to my Texas roots.” Not that he doesn’t love a good suit, but, “it was nice to step out of the Italian loafers and into some work boots.” Bonus trivia: Manganiello and Bomer are college buddies! They both attended Carnegie-Mellon, where “there were only about 20 people in our class, so we obviously got to become good friends over the course of four years,” Bomer says. Small world!

Any dish on The Good Wife‘s return? — Stacy
EW actually caught up with the Emmy-nominated Alan Cumming last night at a party to celebrate his new (charitable) fragrance, 2nd Cumming. He said he’s excited about the prospect of “inter-office conflict” that will result from his new post at Lockhart/Gardner. “I know he’s building his office within the office, so he’s kind of like marking his territory,” he says. “So I think in a way also — like with last season, the two stories, the political story and the legal story, were quite separate — this season will be more merged. And also it means I’ll hopefully get to work with more of the actors that I see every day in makeup and never actually [have scenes with]. Like Archie [Panjabi]. I’ve never spoken to her on the show, ever.”

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