Criminal Minds(1/16)

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Criminal Minds(1/16)
Thu, 01-17-2013 - 1:19pm

Big Pouty face!!!!  Seriously Criminal Minds, you do this to my favorite Doctor.  I honestly didn't know that his girlfriend had been shot too until they showed her laying there on the ground.  Now on Facebook somepeople are saying we don't know for sure...maybe she was just grazed.  But I would think if she was just grazed they would be down there with her, checking on her.  Plus how did the psycho chick get it to go thru her head and hit the other woman.  You have to be pretty precise.  I guess the bullet can easily pass thru but I'm sure you would still have to be watchful of where you are aiming.

Boo Hiss, Criminal Minds....I was so happy for Reid.

Lisa (aka pixie)