The Good Wife Recap 1/6

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The Good Wife Recap 1/6
Mon, 01-07-2013 - 8:46am

Good things come to people who wait. Or at least good episodes of The Good Wife come to those of us who suffer through the winter television hiatus. And maybe it's just me, but I think "Boom De Ya Dah" delivered. The case of the week had Lockhart/Gardner representing a young girl, Kaley, who acquired West Nile virus after being around a swimming pool at a foreclosed home. The disease ended Kaley's promising ballet career and demanded full-time care. So Will and Diane went after Atlantic Commerce, the bank that had foreclosed on the properties in Kaley's neighborhood. Many of the homes had pools, and after foreclosure, the pools were left unattended. The stagnant water was a breeding ground for diseased mosquitoes. Will and Diane were seeking $15 million from the bank. And with financial woes still plaguing the firm, every win counts.

Aiding their case was a report from the CDC that mentioned the pools were the culprit for West Nile. While Will and Diane dealt with the case in Chicago, Alicia was sent to Minnesota to depose the bank's president, Wilkes Ingersol. A formal letter of complaint had been sent to Wilkes about the declining conditions of the foreclosed homes, including the pools. They hoped Wilkes would deny he had any knowledge of the letter on record. They would then be able to produce notes from the company's quarterly meeting proving otherwise. But surely you know by now nothing is that simple. Particularly when Louis Canning in involved. (The Good Wife: A world were Michael J. Fox is beyond frustrating.)

But Alicia couldn't manage to keep Wilkes in the deposition room for longer than three minutes even though she'd gone to Minnesota to accommodate his hectic schedule. (They'd been trying for 14 months to get him to talk.) Wilkes had one emergency after the other to avoid his time with Alicia. While Alicia waited in all-too-quiet Minnesota, Canning attempted to "connect" with her by lying about a dying friend. Clearly, that didn't work out too well. But in a strange turn of events, Alicia met Simone Canning (Susan Misner), Louis's wife. I loved the conversation Louis and Alicia had about how great his wife was. "Women like bastards.... It fits in with all the fairy tales you grew up consuming," Canning explained.

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Tue, 01-08-2013 - 12:55pm

Good first episode of the winter season.  I enjoy the new shake up where Michael J. Foxes character now is their creditor...I wonder do THEY now that.  I mean we know Alicia didn't know it but did Diane and Will know it.  Looks like Alicia and Peter get a little spicy next week...I'm excited!!!

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