Once Upon A Time Recap 1/20

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Once Upon A Time Recap 1/20
Mon, 01-21-2013 - 10:13am

Hello again, Hookers, Swan Queens, and sundry Oncelers! After taking a week off to live blog the Golden Globes -- thanks for filling in, Sarah! -- I was eager to return to the world of Storybrooke for tonight's episode. Unfortunately, "In the Name of the Brother" ended up being an exercise in wheel-spinning that seemed to exist only to set up the show's next hour... which won't air until February 10, thanks to the Super Bowl and the heretofore unknown holiday known as January 27. Dangit, Kitsis and Horowitz! Quit playing games with our hearts!

We begin in medias res, right after the mysterious stranger -- played by Ethan Embry, of Can't Hardly Wait fame -- has careened into Storybrooke, taking down a certain pirate in his wake. Emma, who's quickly on the scene, calls for backup even though she's definitely the town's only cop; soon enough Hook, an amnesiac Belle, and the stranger are all taken to Storybrooke Grace Mercy West, where they'll be under the care of a drunken Dr. Victor Frankenstein. Uh oh.

Victor is the night's focal point; his flashbacks explain in greater detail why he came to Fairy Land in "The Doctor," as well as what happened after he became the proud owner of Rumpelstiltskin's telltale heart. The short version: Before stepping down Jefferson's metaphorical rabbit hole, Victor was a simple scientist in Black and White Steampunk Land with a disapproving father and a loving brother named Gerhardt.

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