Revenge Recap 1/6

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Revenge Recap 1/6
Mon, 01-07-2013 - 8:45am

Ahhhh, how long it has been. The holidays have come and gone and we’re finally back with the second half of our favorite TV shows. Revenge has been lacking thus far, but I hope that with a two-month hiatus, the writers might have been able to, well, right their wrongs. Did they succeed? There’s only one way to find out…

We open with a good old-fashioned brawl. Emily and Aiden tussle on the beach, ending with Ems straddling Aiden. What do you do when your legs are spread over a hot British man? Make out with him, of course!

In New York, Daniel steps out of his spiffy new office channeling Gordon Gecko. Helen the Initiative woman lowers her tinted window to invite Daniel in to her car for a chat. She tells him her “conglomerate” is careful when it comes to investing. She appreciates the work Daniel did in taking control of Nolcorp, but she insists that Conrad has more secret assets hidden in the company that will “will make [him] wealthier and more powerful than [his] father ever dreamed.” You can practically see the dollar signs in Daniel’s eyes.

Over at the Stowaway, Amanda asks Jack if there’s something she needs to know since he’s been tossing and turning in bed (she’s one to talk about secrets -- her name isn’t even Amanda!) Jack confesses he’s been keeping a secret, then produces a gorgeous sea glass necklace. The moment’s ruined when Nate Ryan strolls on by and tells Jack to wipe down his own bar before the day’s opening. Well, that’s just rude. (Confession: I had to look up Ryan Bro #2’s name because I have absolutely zero investment in this story. Is there anyone out there who actually enjoys this plot?)

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