The Amazing Race 11/18

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The Amazing Race 11/18
Mon, 11-19-2012 - 8:58am

To whom do I express my sincere spacibo for bringing THE PROFESSOR into my life? Who is this actor? He should have a show! I'd watch it. The series could revolve around an exacting professor with a prickly exterior -- but a secret soft side just below the surface -- who pushes his students to achieve more than they ever thought they could in his (hybrid) field of expertise: geography-math.

But the professor was just one ingredient in tonight's stew of glorious entertainment. I've always been fascinated by historical performers/impersonators who commit 100% and stay in character no matter what - and those cats at the cocktail party did just that. Add to the stew some zany taxi drivers and a whole lotta teams helping out other teams. And dancing! Can we please stay in Moscow forever?

First we had to finish the last episode.

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