The Amazing Race 3/25

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The Amazing Race 3/25
Mon, 03-26-2012 - 8:24am

After the third consecutive first-place victory from Team Border Patrol, it was clear that the other teams needed to step up their game or just acknowledge that anyone who wasn’t Art or J.J. would merely be competing for the disappointing honor of a second place finish on Amazing Race 20.

At the start of the sixth leg, Joey “Fitness” and Danny stated they were dead set on finally scoring a first place finish (necessitating Danny’s goofy orange “first place glasses.”) Nary and Jamie still believed their federal agents-disguised-as-school-teachers subterfuge would come in handy at some point. Unless finishing near-last is also part of their strategy, I think “underestimating” Team Feds is actually just accurately estimating them. As for Team Army, in spite of a couple less-than-stellar showings, Dave still felt he and Rachel were “the team to beat.” Army Strong! Katy Perry knows what that's about.

Starting off from Bavaria -- that wonderful land of castles, gingerbread and beards -- Team Border Patrol got an early start on the trip to Baku. Baku is the capital of Azerbaijan, a former Soviet Republic rich with oil, located south of Russia and north of Iran. Once again, that head start didn’t yield much -- all the teams caught the 6:20 flight on Turkish Airlines, and Team Army actually arrived at Ateshgah (the Temple of Fire, duh!) before they did.

While locals pounded drums in the black of night and dancers circled firepits in costumes that looked far too flammable for my comfort, Rachel and Dave zipped through the temple hoping that the next clue card wasn’t behind the door that didn’t open till sunrise. Which, of course, it was.

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