The Amazing Race 3/4

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The Amazing Race 3/4
Mon, 03-05-2012 - 11:50am

The challenges on last night’s episode of The Amazing Race were very much of the slapstick variety when you think about it. Assembling a precarious pyramid of watermelons, stringing harps and balancing a glass bottle on one’s head while dancing all seem like gags taken from an episode of I Love Lucy.

With a million dollars on the line, it's easy to understand why competitors approach each task with great seriousness, but when you’re sitting at home watching a grown adult twirl around with a water bottle atop his or her head -- their eyes burning with the intensity of a neurosurgeon -- you have to smirk a little at the incredible hoops Phil & the producers put these people through.

The episode started off with Rachel and Dave -- first place winners for the first two episodes -- headed to the airport in the middle of the night to catch an early flight to Paraguay. Even though the next plane didn't leave until 8:45 am, it was nearly full, so all they could do was get on the standby list.

Although all the teams had caught up to Team Army Strong by the time the first plane took off, only three other pairs -- Team Border Patrol, Team Kentucky and Team Fed -- managed to finagle seats on that plane. The federal agents, incidentally, are still pretending to be school teachers because they think that deception gives them an edge. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were eliminated before they even get the chance to reveal their actual careers.

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