The Amazing Race 4/15

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The Amazing Race 4/15
Mon, 04-16-2012 - 8:33am

Last night The Amazing Race took its remaining six teams from Tanzania’s Kilimanjaro to Tanzania’s Ngorongoro, another Maasai-inhabited region that Phil Keoghan called “the Eden of Africa.” Academic faux pas, Phil! A lot of Biblical scholars believe the “real” Eden must have been located in Africa in the first place (Ethiopia), so they were probably wailing and gnashing teeth when you said that.

Academic pedantry aside, last night’s leg was a little weak. The episode gets an 'A' in terms of natural beauty (gorgeous vistas, adorable animals, glorious colors), but the tasks were pretty tepid.

The worst offender: "Water Supply" required contestants to wait in a long line just to fill buckets with water. Now I have a pretty respectable attention span, but there’s no way that waiting in line is ever going to make for thrilling television. And what does it test, really? One’s ability to move ahead two steps ahead without stepping on the shoes of the person in front of you?

Let’s start at the beginning, though. Before this leg of the Race began in earnest, all the teams took a little safari to check out the elephants, “bamboons,” ostriches and other creatures you don’t see back in the States unless they’re behind bars or on a plate (I’m referring to ostrich burgers, here: I’d never eat a close relative like the baboon. And I assume elephant meat is way too gamey).

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