American Idol(1/17)

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American Idol(1/17)
Fri, 01-18-2013 - 7:15am

For night two of the American Idol Season 12 premiere, the show moved to Chicago for auditions. The potential contestants included a martial arts/ninja enthusiast (dismissed), a "fire performer"-slash-balloon animal artist (sent on) ... and Lazaro Arbos.

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Fri, 01-18-2013 - 10:39am

Okay I'm just going to talk about the judges to start.

Nicki is the most annoying thing ever.  She's rude and she's an attention whore.   She grew on me a LITTLE bit the second night, though with some humor.  

Mariah is actually kind of boring to me.   Maybe she'd be better without Nicki, I don't know.   It is not good to see her stoop to Nicki's level with the horrible banter and cat fighting.   Blah.  

Keith is awesome (and not just cuz I've called him my boyfriend for many years... LOL).   He is engaging with the contestants and sincere.   He's funny and his facial expressions kill me.    He gives excellent and real feedback to the contestants.   He does a great job diffusing the crap between the 2 girls.    When he had to leave for a concert last night, it was actually kind of boring with just Randy, Nicki and Mariah.   Zzzzzz

Randy is a little more hard edged this time, but I think he has to be with 3 newbies.

Only person who really stood out was the guy who stuttered and then sang so amazing.   Oh and the rocker dude (curly hair) screamed too much for me.