Bachelor Pad 3 - 7/31

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Bachelor Pad 3 - 7/31
Tue, 07-31-2012 - 11:40am

"Bachelor Pad" kicks off Monday (July 30) with a montage of how gross and creepy the twins are. Nobody likes them and they make everybody uncomfortable. Meanwhile, Chris is still trying to balance a "partnership" with Blakeley with his wanting to get some nookie with Jamie.

The Competition

Some are acrobats there, performing with hula hoops and balls and whatnot -- Harrison says it's honor of the Summer Olympics going on "right now." Uh huh. We all know this isn't live, right? Why are we pretending?

Anyway. They all have to learn a rhythmic gymnastics routine and perform it for judges to get the rose. Oh, lordy. The two worst are given a vote against them heading into the Rose Ceremony. And the two genders are performing together as a group. They have two hours. Go!

Is this supposed to be amusing for us to watch? Because it's mostly just dumb, honestly. I don't even have funny snark, y'all. This is straight-up terrible. It makes "Big Brother" challenges look like they were planned by MENSA.

It turns out Blakeley, Jamie and Donna are the strongest of the women, while David the fan is trying really hard, but Stagliano is actually pretty good at this.

After donning their costumes (seriously), it's performance time! The judges are Ashley Hebert and JP, plus Tasha Schwikert, who was on the 2000 Sydney Olympics bronze medal-winning U.S. women's gymnastics team. Cool.

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