The Bachelor Recap 1/21

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The Bachelor Recap 1/21
Tue, 01-22-2013 - 8:25am

We're down to 16 women on "The Bachelor" and tonight we have three heading home. Plus Tierra falls (or is pushed, or throws herself) down the stairs. Oh, the humanity!

Shirtless Sean opening. Drink.

Lesley M.'s Date

So, one of the girls from last week's group date gets a solo, which is fine, we guess. But it always sucks that girls go dateless while other girls rack up multiple dates. Anyway, Lesley and Sean head to the Guinness World of Records, which kind of makes the show look a little cheap. This is like an attraction from some small-time amusement park (like Adventureland near where I grew up, in Iowa).

Then just as I'm done typing that, it turns out Sean's dad holds the record for shortest drive of the contiguous 48 states. His picture is up and everything. OK, well, that's kinda cool. And now it turns out Sean and Lesley are going to try to break the record for longest on-screen smooch, which is 3:15. That's a lot of time to kiss, y'all, especially someone you barely know. Hmm. I'm not sure I'd be that excited about this if I were Lesley.

But they make it the full 3:16 (and then some), so kudos to them -- for holding their lips together for over three minutes. They weren't exactly kiss-kissing, but it was probably easier the way they did it.

Later that night, it turns out Lesley was one of those people who loved her adolescence -- but she wasn't Homecoming Queen or anything. She says she was a nerd, in a lot of clubs, studied a lot, but it sounds like she's tight with her family. Lesley M. is really rising in our estimation right now. We admit to pre-judging her as kind of a bimbo. Naturally, she gets the rose.

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