The Bachelor(1/28)

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The Bachelor(1/28)
Tue, 01-29-2013 - 10:07am

Every Bachelor season has a villain and/or a drama queen and Sean got them both in Tierra.

On Monday's episode, Tierra had a tantrum, in which she threatened to leave the show and wondered why she deserved to be "tortured." But instead of letting her go, as the women would've liked, Sean had faith in their connection and gave her a rose. What does host Chris Harrison have to say about her? Keep reading to find out.

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Wed, 01-30-2013 - 1:45pm

I felt sorry for Leslie - the pretty woman date - because she seemed so real and honest, but if Sean wasn't feeling the spark then he wasn't feeling it.    I didn't quite get the chemistry with Sean & Selma.  She seems fake to me even though she was talking all about family & values. 

I know who he chooses at the end and I think it's interesting how little time they've spent together so far this season.   She might be finally coming out of the shadows,though.

Ugh Tierra.   There has to be one in the bunch, though, huh?   She's an idiot and I wish she had just left vs. conning Sean into giving her the rose.   I hope he wakes up next week and she's gone. 

Ummmmm TWO episodes next week???