BB14...nominations and POV(7/25)

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BB14...nominations and POV(7/25)
Thu, 07-26-2012 - 8:52am

"Big Brother 14" picks up Wednesday night (July 25) with Willie's eviction, which has pushed the nominations to tonight along with the Power of Veto competition and ceremony.
Willie's expulsion has Britney annoyed and her players scared because they voted to evict Frank. Meanwhile, Boogie and Janelle are totally gross in their celebrating of this. Where was this Boogie love a week ago when you were talking about his genital warts on the live feeds, Janelle?

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Thu, 07-26-2012 - 10:51am

The coach thing is driving me nuts.

Janelle... I just don't like her.   I don't think any of them should trust her.

Boogie is only out for Boogie.

Dan won't help out his only player?   Umm really? 

Britney has shown that she got lucky the first time she played by staying as long as she did.   She really isn't very good at this show.   She basically sucks and I think it's brilliant that Shane offered himself to Boogie & Frank.    They could be a great force.