BB14...the eviction(8/30)

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BB14...the eviction(8/30)
Fri, 08-31-2012 - 7:33am

Get ready, "Big Brother 14" fans. Tonight is an endurance comp, so sign up for the live feeds to watch it play out.
Post POV Ceremony
Ian does not take it well that Frank and Dan just put his closest ally on the block. Much like Frank didn't take it well when Boogie and Ashley got the boot. Hurts when the shoe's on the other foot, huh Ian?
Also, he really does not do himself any favors with this little tantrum. The house already doesn't really trust him, save Britney, and flipping out like this isn't winning any friends for him.
Plus, Ian is completely illogical and crazy about it. He keeps talking about how Frank premeditated this and he had days to think about it. And he argues that he only had a few seconds to make his decision when he was HOH. But he engineered Mike's ouster all week. This confrontation was a lot bigger on the live feeds and it was rather hilarious how poorly Ian took it that he got played. We kind of expected better of him, as a fan of the game.
Hilariously, Shane speaks for all viewers when he wonders, "Where did JENN come from?" Heh.
Britney is edited to look as though she's trying really hard to stay, but she's kind of given up in reality this week. She knows she's dunzo and hasn't really been fighting that hard. Also, for suspense's sake, they make it look as though Joe and Shane are conflicted about who to vote out, but they really aren't. Joe will vote wherever the majority goes, while Shane is loyal to Danielle and realizes Britney is a big threat as a gamer.

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