Big Brother 8/27 - HoH, Pandora's Box, Noms

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Big Brother 8/27 - HoH, Pandora's Box, Noms
Mon, 08-27-2012 - 8:30am

On the latest issue of "Big Brother 14," Frank may continue to be a beast in competitions, but he shows off some rather ugly sides of his personality.

The Double Eviction Show

This mostly consists of Frank storming around like he's got 'roid rage and saying some kind of ugly things to Ian and Joe. It's actually rather surprising the editors are showing Frank in this light, since he seems to be the golden boy this season. But he's coming off as a huge jerk.

The crowning achievement is when Frank calls Ian a "terrible person" for sending home the two people who Frank was working with. Um, you claim you are a fan of this game, Frank? THAT'S HOW THE GAME IS PLAYED. You got played. You got straight-up played and you're lucky it wasn't your butt going out the door and you need to stop being such a bully to Ian.

"Y'all should feel ashamed of yourselves! Doing that to Ian ... " - um, what did anybody do to Ian? Ian makes his own decisions and Frank needs to lay off the steroids and admit he got got this week.

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