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Thu, 03-29-2012 - 7:44am

It's been two weeks of disappointing "Survivor's" in a row, as Colton went out very unceremoniously last week, while this week just kind of baffles us. Oh, and Tarzan is insane.
Post Merge
The castaways are pumped about their merge feast, as one would be. Alicia continues to be snotty about Christina - oooh, I hope she gets hers (Alicia). She sucks big time. In the morning, they decide their new tribe name is Tikiano, which kind of means "Year of the God." Lame.
It'll be interesting to see if the tribe falls along the Salani/Manono tribes or the guys/girls tribes. Tarzan is trying to rally the men together plus Alicia will be the voting alliance. Hmm. I would think Christina would be a better play than Alicia for someone to defect. However, Mike isn't even down with a men's alliance anyway.

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