The Voice 3/26

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The Voice 3/26
Tue, 03-27-2012 - 8:32am

Save the best for last? More like the worst. This is the final week of the battle rounds on The Voice, and it seems the producers and the coaches want to put the viewers to sleep. Why?! This episode is still sorta interesting because there are a few underdogs selected to go to the live shows. However, in many of these cases, it's because one vocalist sucks less than the other instead of one person out-shining and out-wowing the competition (as it should be on reality TV). Anyways, let's get this over with and rip off the band-aid together:

James Massone vs. Wade: "True Colors"
Even before the battle starts, the two boys bring Cee Lo to tears during their final practice. Awz. We're still not giving him a pass for picking Erin Martin last week, but it's a start. James admitted earlier that he didn't know any of the words to this song, but he's a quick student and sounds good on the opening verse. Working in his favor is his stage presence and his unusual voice but there's only so much that can save this low-energy battle. Wade is no help: he has bad pitch on some of his big solo notes and his timing/delivery sound a little off. Adam and Christina pick James, and Cee Lo — after crying for a second time —names James the winner. Good to see Cee Lo willing to throw his preconceptions out the window and pick the true underdog.

Nicolle Gaylon vs. Mathai :"Love Song"
Nicolle originally performed on the piano when she sang during the blind auditions, but Adam quickly realizes Nicolle needs to step away from the ivories and focus on her vocal performance. However, it becomes pretty clear that Nicolle's voice is nowhere near strong enough to compete on this show. Nicolle lacks so much energy, she's so pitchy and her voice is especially small and soft compared to Mathai's range, natural ability and beautiful phrasing of the song. Honestly, judging from this battle alone, Nicolle really shouldn't have made it past the auditions. As Christina says, this is a "no-brainer" situation for Mathai. Adam says he was a little let-down by the performance overall, but says he's glad Nicolle stepped away from the piano. He picks Mathai. No duh.

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