The Voice 4/9

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The Voice 4/9
Tue, 04-10-2012 - 8:59am

When historians look back at this season of The Voice years and years from now, there will be two distinct chapters: Before Tonight's Episode (BTE), when everyone loved Christina Aguilera, and After Tonight's Episode (ATE), when every Tony Lucca fan declared war on his former fellow MMC-er for her comments. She cut Tony the deepest, but tonight all the judges decided to get brutally honest (minus Cee Lo, obviously).

And it wasn't pretty:

Katrina Parker, "Tonight, Tonight"
Adam's biggest remark to Katrina during the practice rounds is to be Katrina, not Adele. And yet, as my colleagues point out, the stylists make Katrina look like Adele's stateside twin. OK. But that is not the biggest question. The biggest question is why she chose this song? It really does nada for her voice. It's limp, it's pitchy and it's so stuffy and lacking a punch with the ho-hum string orchestra and the lack of emotion. Christina says she would have liked to see Katrina rock out more and Cee Lo says he needed to see more emotion. Adam thinks Katrina "killed it." Uh...

Chessa, "Don't Leave Me This Way"
Any song that starts out with disco lights can't be all that bad, right? Hmm. She sounds a heck of a lot better on this than she did during the battle rounds. It's a nice shot in the arm after "Tonight, Tonight," but her power can't cover up her tone problems. Bonus points to Cheesa for also busting out some choreography, even though this is The Voice and not The Dance. Blake compares her performance to Solid Gold (which to him is a compliment), but Adam says it didn't have a breakthrough moment. Cee Lo says he thought it was a great performance and that disco really suits her.

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