The Voice - Auditions 2/13

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The Voice - Auditions 2/13
Tue, 02-14-2012 - 8:25am

I don't know, maybe with three separate singing competitions now on the air America's well of untapped talent is starting to run dry. At least that's the way it seemed on the third night of The Voice's blind auditions. We all know the show usually saves the best singers for the very end, but tonight there was barely a decent voice at all until the second hour. The judges made some baffling calls as well, picking twelve singers, several of whom were truly mediocre talents, while leaving one unique, arresting singer to a fate of bowling-alley maintenance and food service. Of course, she had the unshakeable albatross of Perez Hilton around her tattooed neck, so I suppose she was doomed to failure going in. We'll get to my ranking of the singers who made the cut in a minute, but first let's start with those who found themselves passed over.

The Also-Rans

Her name was Winter Rae, and she had elaborate tattoos running up and down her neck, arms, and cleavage. With her ink and her blue hair, she looked the very definition of a rocker chick. Suddenly it seemed Juliet Simms had a competitor horning in on her gravelly territory. However, Winter, Yuuzhan Vong looks and all, fashioned herself not a rocker, but a soul singer. If Ant and Dec were hosting The Voice, they'd probably look smugly into the camera when she launched into Rihanna's "Take a Bow," as if to say, "And you thought she was going to go all Joan Jett on us!" It was a pretty arresting cover, to be sure, and Winter was even given moral support backstage by that Louella Parsons of the Blog Era, Perez Hilton. But somehow the judges completely ignored her in favor of at least three far inferior talents. So it's back to her job as a waitress at L.A. bowling alley Lucky Strike.

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Tue, 02-14-2012 - 8:51am
Since I'm always flipping back and forth with this show I have no idea who has how many people. I know for the longest time Adam barely had anyone. Is that still the case?

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