Apparently Ivillage likes Windows 8 and IE 10

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Apparently Ivillage likes Windows 8 and IE 10
Mon, 03-04-2013 - 4:41pm

Hmmmm I have been trying to post on an older computer running XP and IE 8 and that is where I have been having problems.  I upgraded both of my computers to Windows 8 and I was concerned that maybe Ivillage wouldn't work.  Tried it today and signatures and pictures went up really fast.  Guess I will be using the computers with Windows 8 from now on lol.

Thanks for your help everybody.  It appears as though everything is up and running now.  Donna you were right about the refresh.  When I did that I was logged in on the second time

Hugs to answer your question I had wandered over to the Weight Watchers boards originally to discuss Weight Watchers but then there were groups with off topic conversation so I land up posting there quite a bit.  Although it appears as though Ivillage works okay on my newer computers so I will try that.

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Wed, 03-06-2013 - 11:56pm

Amy..Glad you got this figured out. Helps a little bit until they finally get the bugs worked out...if ever. ::sigh::

I still have XP and IE works best for me for IV even though I don't like using IE. Whatever it takes to hang on!


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Fri, 03-08-2013 - 12:35pm

Interesting how it's different for each person. I have XP and IE 8 as well but IE 8 works the least best for me. Google Chrome gives me the least amount of trouble with Mozilla Firefox a close second.