Has anyone over did their shopping this

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Has anyone over did their shopping this
Tue, 12-07-2004 - 9:39am



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Tue, 12-07-2004 - 10:11pm

I have hardly gotten anything done.

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Wed, 12-08-2004 - 10:02am

We usually do a pretty good job at not overspending. We wait until my husband gets his Holiday Bonus before doing the bulk of it. We have 12 nieces & nephews combined, so we give each one $5 until they are 15 or 16. Then that's it. It's still almost a $100 every year. But I figure we aren't going to spend more than10 each for a gift for them, and to try and get each child something they like under $10 is an exercise in futility. We would end up getting each one something stupid. Hence the cash. THey're young enough the amount isn't important and once the newness is worn off of their toys and such, they've still got that 5 bucks to save, spend or whatever.

Since DH has 9 sibs, we don't do gifts for them at all. My brother is still under21 so me and my sisters exchange with him, but not each other. We all have kids, so.

Any miscellaneous acquaintances, friends, neighbors, coworkers, etc. get cookies or baked goods from us, if they get anything at all.