I am home & un-officially ...FINE !!!!????!!! So they say !!!!!

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I am home & un-officially ...FINE !!!!????!!! So they say !!!!!
Wed, 11-09-2011 - 7:07pm

Hi all....what a day !!! Emotionally drained !

1st ..the 2nd mammomgram, was nothing like I had before...deep compression,they call it !!! OMG !!!!.....I have small calcium deposits, that have grown in the last 2 years...Dr had a consult w/ his partner..whether to do a biopsy (under high compression) w/laser ..or wait 6 months & see if they grow again..then def the biopsy !

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What a day is right, wow!
I think you should go back for the other mammo after you get the gb thing sorted out.
It is a good thing that you are having to have/do these tests.
It is the only way to find out what is wrong with you.
Sounds like your doctor is doing all they can though don't you think?
Keep doing these until they find the problem.
Hang in there as they will because you can't take this anymore.
So glad you're at least home right now.
Appreciate the up date :)

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Wow on your tests. At least you know.
Never had deep compression mammo.
have a good nights rest. Get your energy back.
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glad everything turned out ok, bunny. i have mine next month and not looking forward to it.

one year they had to take 8 views, man did that hurt!!! since then it's just been the usual 4.